our story

They say to plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow and if this is true, then we at Greenway Foundation, believe in all the tomorrows for generations to come.  As a recently established organization (Oct. 2017), we recognize living sustainably is of utmost importance given the current agricultural and environmental challenges we face in our world today.

While our company Greenway Biotech, Inc. encourages adults to lead a healthy lifestyle, Greenway Foundation, on the other hand, inspires our youth to make healthy choices now rather than later by teaching them basic gardening techniques and practices.

Through our program, we aim to instill within the children not only the means to live healthily but the understanding that emboldens them to do so.

We created this foundation with the intention of supporting our underfunded and under resourced education system so we can provide a supplemental program which a number of schools would be unable to implement otherwise.

We currently visit three second grade and two third grade classes from Eastwood elementary school in La Mirada, California. “Their energy and positivity are so beautiful,” explains our founder, Amir Tajer who leads the way, with the rest of our team alongside him, during our weekly school visits to provide students with the tools they need to live well. But our efforts won’t stop here.

As our funding and availability increase, we plan to expand our program to cover thirteen classes at Eastwood, in addition to one other local elementary school over the next year alone.

We strive for our passion for gardening and healthy living to ignite a spark in the students we work with so they not only feel inspired but empowered to grow their own food – even if it’s in their own backyards. Our organization demonstrates that healthier food options are possible, affordable and enjoyable! And we hope you’ll join us on our journey.